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blog iconAdding Articles & Positioning Images

Posted by RJ Wattenhofer August19, 2015 in research

placeholder After logging into the admin area of your website, you will see a column of links on the left. To upload an image for your blog, click on the ‘Media’ link and then proceed to import your picture.

Click on the imported image and look to the right of the screen. Copy & past the image link to notepad for future reference. Now click on the ‘Pages’ link and then the page titled ‘Research Blog’. This page will open up. there are two tabs located in the upper-right area of the screen labeled ‘Visual’ and ‘Text’. Text is used if you would like to add code.

You can now replace all of the text and images on this page with your own work. This particular section demonstrates how to position an image in the upper-left portion of an article. You can use this section as a template by deleting the sample image and putting in your own. Same goes for the text.

blog iconUpper Right Image with CSS Shadow

Posted by RJ Wattenhofer August19, 2015 in Outreach

placeholder The image in this section is positioned in the upper-right hand side of the article and casts a shadow. The shadow is created with code.

To achieve this shadow on your own pictures you will need to go into the text area of the page, find the image link and then replace it with your own.


Other tips: normally new blog posts are stacked on old posts, so you will want to add new material to the top of the page. You can also add links for external sites, multiple pictures, no pictures…anything you like 🙂

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